Folio365.com User and Service Agreements

The Folio365.com Terms of Use Agreement describes the terms and conditions under which Folio365.com offers you access to our services and applies to all Folio365.com users, whether buyers, renters or those who just like to browse our website.

Folio365.com provides our users a variety of services. Below you can find the terms of service for Folio365.com’s Domain Sale  and Domain Rental. Whether you are trying to acquire something new or simply want to rent a domain name for a while, Folio365.com has a variety of services to ensure that you are satisfied.

Domain Rental Agreement
Domain Sale Agreement
Domain Transfer Agreement

Protecting Your Privacy

Folio365.com takes protecting our user’s privacy very seriously. We have instituted a comprehensive policy on Privacy that details your privacy rights.

Rules for Domain Buyers

Folio365.com has set out rules for Domain Buyers which serve as a set of guidelines to help buyers make the right decisions in their domain name purchases. In addition, these pages help buyers know what to expect when they order a domain name acquisition. Please review the sales agreement link below for domains bought on Folio365.com, which contains the terms of purchase.

Sale Agreement

Rules for Domain Renters

Domain Renting is a great way to test-run a domain name before purchase. The rules for Domain Renters help you make sure you understand the terms and conditions surrounding your renting of a particular domain name.

Rental Agreement

Intellectual Property

How does Folio365 feel about its Intellectual Property rights? Please visit our link below for more details.

Intellectual Property Rights

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