How To Register A Domain Name In 5 Steps

Establishing your online presence as a brand and business is an important task you’ll have to undertake if you want to get ahead in this present world. And it all starts when you register a domain name.

The importance of a domain name can’t be overemphasized as it can be the difference between you having a unique digital identity and being lost in the crowd with the rest of the world. To understand this better, HERE ARE 7 REASONS WHY YOU NEED A DOMAIN NAME.

But before you rush off to register a domain name, you must ensure that you have the right name to begin with. CHOOSING THE RIGHT NAME FOR YOUR BUSINESS is as important as choosing the right domain name since more often than not, you’ll want the two to match.

Once you’ve gone through the rigorous process of choosing the right name, you can now go ahead to register a domain name for it. Here are 5 steps to follow if you want to register a domain name.



Domain name registrars are organizations accredited by ICANN to sell domain names to end-users. Nowadays, domain name registrars are a dime a dozen ranging from exclusive domain companies like Dynadot, Godaddy and Namecheap to big conglomerates like Google.

In choosing a domain registrar, you’ll have to consider their prices for domain registration, domain renewals as well as how good their support is and other features and perks they may offer.

Personally, our domain registrar of choice is DYNADOT as we find their prices to be consistently affordable and their support, reliable. Read our comparison of THE BEST MOST AFFORDABLE DOMAIN NAME REGISTRARS.


Before you can register a domain name, you’ll have to search for the name to make sure that it’s available and not registered by someone else.

Put the domain name you want to register in the search box and press enter

If the name is unavailable, it means someone else has the domain name. You’ll have to choose another domain name to register. However, if you really, really want the domain name that’s already registered, HERE IS HOW TO BUY A DOMAIN NAME FROM A DOMAIN OWNER.

If the domain name you searched for is available, you’ll see ‘This name is available’ next to it. As you scroll down, you’ll also see other domain extensions that are available for your name.

A domain extension is the part that is appended to your name. For instance, if your domain name is, then the .com is the domain name extension. There are several domain name extensions you can choose from like .com, .org, .de, .uk, .app, .io, .shop etc. It all depends on what you want.



If your domain name is available, go ahead and click the ‘Add’ button next to the name to add the name to your shopping cart. Once the name is added, click on the cart icon at the top right hand corner of your menu to view your shopping cart.

Dynadot register a domain

Viewing your cart, you’ll realize an additional item there, Domain Privacy. Domain Privacy is a way to protect the privacy of your domain name and all the related information about it. Privacy protection is important because it prevents spammers from getting your contact details. The good news is that Dynadot offers free domain privacy at no additional cost.

dynadot cart page

Choose the number of years you want to register the domain name for. This can range from 1 to 10 years. After that, if you have a coupon code, you can enter it into the ‘Promo Code’ box. However, if you don’t have a discount code, you’ll have to click on the ‘Checkout’ button to proceed.



Once you’ve clicked on the ‘Checkout’ button, you are requested to login to complete the payment process.

If you are a new customer and you do not have an account, simply click on the ‘Create an account’ link and fill in your details to register.

Register page at Dynadot

Once you’re done, a new account will be created for you and you can now go ahead and make your payment.



Payment method ate Dynadot

To register a domain name, you’ll have to pay for it. There are several payment methods you can choose from like

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Alipay
  • Skrill (Moneybookers)
  • Money Order/ Check
  • Bank Wire
  • Account Credit

Some payment options are only available for some locations. Choose one payment method and ‘Submit Order’. Once your payment order has been processed, you will receive an email indicating that you’ve purchased a domain name with tips on how to manage your domain name, setup nameservers, build a website and other resources.

It’s important to note that you’ll have to renew the domain name once it expires. Towards the expiry date of your domain, you’ll receive email notifications at intervals asking you to renew the name. Do not ignore these emails especially if you want to keep the domain name. Except you are no longer interested in a domain name, it is advisable to setup auto-renewals on all your domain names.

Congratulations, you just completed the process on how to register a domain name. You are now the proud owner of a domain. It’s now time to put that domain name to use by building a website for it.


We are a team dedicated to ensure that you have an all-round great experience on our website. From helping you pick a great domain name from our portfolio, to guiding you through the payment and domain transfer processes, we will be with you every step of the way.

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